Tributes for HRH Prince Philip

Floral Tributes for HRH Prince Philip:

On Sunday, Cllr Gareth Mitchell (Chairman of Church Lawton Parish Council), attended the service at All Saints’ Church and laid a floral tribute on behalf of all residents of Church Lawton in memory of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to alleviate the need for individuals to do so.

Given the current situation, the advice being passed down is that public flower tributes are not recommended (link). The Royal Family have suggested that members of the public may wish to make a donation to a favourite charity or to one of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Patrinages instead.

Book of Condolence:

The advice being passed down and also the wishes of the Royal Family, are that Books of Condolence should be online only.

The following online books of condolence are available:

The Royal Family Website

The Church of England Website

We appreciate that this may be problematic for some of our residents who don’t have online access. We would be grateful if you have any friends, family or neighbours who may need some help, then ask them to contact the Parish Clerk on 01270 883978 before teatime on Friday 16th April and we will do what we can to help. The Horseshoe Public House has also offered to collect condolence messages to pass onto us but please only use this service if you are absolutely unable to use the online facilities or unable to contact the Clerk.